The Danish company Nimatic has elevated the concept of environmental consciousness to a very high standard, proudly standing as both a supplier and partner to Makin’s cutting-edge products.

This forward-thinking company doesn’t merely adopt a few eco-friendly measures; instead, it embeds an environmentally conscious philosophy into every aspect of its operations – from ideology to tangible actions.

The recent year’s rising costs of gas prompted further action, with the incorporation of heat pumps into production processes. Nimatic responded to customer inquiries about gas dependency by embracing renewable energy solutions.

Nimatic now boasts nine heat pumps powering their entire facility, signaling a complete departure from gas reliance.

The company Nimatic uses heat pumps

John shows the recently installed heat pumps that contribute to cost savings for Nimatic

Inspired by personal commitment, John Nielsen, owner and a key figure at Nimatic, initiated a green wave within his family, with each member transitioning to electric vehicles. John went even further and installed solar panels and heat pumps to his house. This personal journey sparked a profound realization – if Nimatic champions sustainability, why were traditional fuel vehicles still a part of their daily operations?

A lunchtime inquiry revealed a common challenge among employees: the need for more convenient charging solutions for electric vehicles, particularly for those residing in apartments. John envisioned a solution – installing charging stations at the factory’s premises, complete with a comprehensive system of charging logs. The result: a colleague has already embraced the shift to electric vehicles by purchasing a Hyundai Ionic.

The warehouse truck is powered by rechargeable electric batteries, and the old well-used diesel-driven company van will soon be replaced with an electric van.

– I can’t see myself ever buying a fossil-fueled vehicle again, says John.

Nimatic will provide charging solutions for electric cars

Nimatic will soon provide charging stations for electric vehicles for the employees.

Nimatic Finds Sustainable Eco-Friendly Solutions in Collaboration with Makin

Beyond environmental initiatives, Nimatic actively collaborates with packaging suppliers and customers including Makin, to create eco-friendly solutions, aiming to eliminate plastics and foam in favor of recyclable paper.

We have worked closely together with Makin to find a paper packing solution for the masts for the machine control systems, John explains.

All parts delivered to Makin are labeled with the materials that have been used so that when it’s time to scrap the parts, it can be done correctly.

Internally in the production area, the company is dedicated to utilizing containers for various purposes, contributing to a sustainable and circular economy.

Sorting of waste products in the factory

Nimatic is careful about the sorting of waste products because metals haw a value but only if it is sorted correctly.

John Nielsen’s Personal Commitment Drives Nimatic’s Holistic Approach to Social Responsibility and Workforce Integration

John Nielsen’s commitment to social responsibility goes beyond the business realm. Motivated by personal tragedy – the loss of his father and son to cancer – and the subsequent financial crisis, he redirected his focus toward helping individuals reintegrate into society after facing challenges such as injuries, social problems, or disabilities.

Over the past 12-13 years, Nimatic has supported over 100 individuals in their journey to recovery. Nimatic’s impact extends to Næstved Kommune, where four employees, initially part of rehabilitation programs, have seamlessly integrated into the workforce, showcasing an impressive success rate.

Social responsibility

Nimatic takes social responsibility and has been part of the municipal’s rehabilitation program for several years.

Makin and Nimatic: A Synergistic Partnership Driving CSR and Sustainability in Technology

It is truly inspiring for Makin to have a close partnership with suppliers like Nimatic. Makin’s commitment to CSR and sustainability is founded on delivering user-friendly technology that helps our customers improve their environmental footprint. Makin aims for strong employee involvement, close cooperation with our suppliers, and sustainability as an integrated part of Makin’s strategy.

Elimination of plastic packaging

Makin and Nimatic have worked closely together to eliminate plastic packaging and to mark all components correctly.

Makin considers the environmental and human impact of our products’ journey through the supply chain, from raw materials sourcing to production, storage, delivery, and every transportation link in between.

​We are in continuous dialogue with our suppliers regarding sourcing and the environmental impact of products from the moment you purchase the products but also when you are ready to upgrade old products and dispose of them.

Makin’s goal is to contribute through all of our activities to reducing waste, and lowering CO2 emissions while at the same time improving a sustainable future for society, humans, and the environment.

You can find more information about Nimatic on their website:

You can read more about Makin’s commitment to sustainability and ESG by clicking here.

Author and photographer: Karina Lykke Lumholt