What’s Makin’?

Makin’ solutions are developed by experts to experts. We are in close dialog with our customers in the heavy construction industry: contractors, surveyors, and machine operators.

“Made in Scandinavia” by expert developers – launched in 2018.

Our goal is to offer the world’s best machine control systems.

We are highly agile, demand driven and listen to market leading customers – you!

A fast-growing community of enthusiastic users – thank you, all!

Makin’ contact

Ruben Hensen
Ruben HensenCOO
Tel. +45 2868 4830
Marcus Grevelshøj
Marcus GrevelshøjProduct Manager
Ole Helge Aalstad
Ole Helge AalstadCEO
Tel. +47 9001 4343
Sten Kristensen
Sten KristensenCGO
Tel. +45 3177 9225
Adriana Bakke
Adriana BakkeStore Manager
Karina Lumholt
Karina LumholtCommunication & Marketing Manager
Kari Lassaunnière
Kari LassaunnièreSupport Engineer
Hanne Hansen
Hanne HansenProcess Specialist
Glenn Haug
Glenn HaugStore Manager
Anne Lise Dalbak
Anne Lise DalbakAdministration Manager
Daniel Dysted
Daniel DystedProduct Specialist
Andreas Boes Jakobsen
Andreas Boes JakobsenTechnology Engineer
Steffan Schmidt
Steffan SchmidtData Analysis Specialist
Tina Rasmussen
Tina RasmussenSystem Test Specialist
Steinar Henriksen
Steinar HenriksenQuality Specialist
Christer Tvedt
Christer TvedtBusiness Controller
Helene Stoustrup Jakobsen
Helene Stoustrup JakobsenTechnical Writer
Tobias Jarrett
Tobias JarrettTechnology Engineer
Brian Møller
Brian MøllerGlobal Key Account Manager
Morgan Mattsson
Morgan MattssonProduct Specialist

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