Our Machine Control Solutions

Eplore Makin’s machine control, machine guidance, and project control systems.


Makin’ Excavator 3D

Full project overview

Smooth, intuitive graphics

Super-fast sensors

A deep insight into the needs of the construction business cooked into a powerful easy-to-use Android software and garnished with best-in-class hardware – that’s the recipe of this full-flavoured system.

  • Unique 2D and 3D visualizations of entire projects.

  • Live data sharing between machines, surveyors, office.

  • Just as easy to use as your smartphone.


Makin’ Excavator 3D

Makin’ Survey

Full project overview

Simple, easy-to-use

Unbeatable GNSS

Makin’ Survey is ideal for the daily surveying tasks. At times you need to stakeout some points or lines. Other times you need to modify or extend design data or document work done. This is exactly what Makin’ Survey is made for.

  • Top-notch rover with extremely good fix, even under very difficult conditions.

  • The ideal sidekick to Makin’ Excavator 3D​, with the same user-friendly interface.

  • Easy to use even for non-surveyors.


Makin' Survey

Makin’ PerFormans

Bluetooth connectivity

Decimeter accuracy for quality control


Based on the same unique software and rugged hardware platform as the rest of the Makin’ 3D product range. Makin’ PerFormans provides an easy-to-use quality assurance tool with full integration and connectivity to the workflow in the project.

  • An intuitive and portable project control tool for visualization of project data in real-time and with no extra accessories.
  • Decimeter positioning accuracy for valuable project information and allows for smart planning and immediate detection of deviations from design.
  • Makin’ PerFormans is workflow-integrated with all other Makin’ solutions.


Makin’ Excavator 3D

Makin’ Surfaces

Full project overview

Measurement from lowest point

Automatic logging

Makin’ Surfaces increases project productivity and reduces the operator’s workload through effortless, continuous documentation of all excavation progress. The operator is continuously guided by a color-coded plot showing the bottom of the cut relative to the reference surface. The documented as-built surfaces are available on Makin’ Cloud for exporting and post processing. Makin’ Surfaces increases project productivity and reduces the operator workload through effortless, continuous documentation of all excavation progress.

  • Accuracy.

  • Better documentation.

  • Fewer mistakes.

  • Better saftety on site.

  • Dynamic project planning.

  • No weather dependency.


Makin’ Cloud

Auto-update of software on all Makin units

No extra gear or servers needed

Projects update visible to all connections in real time

Makin’ Cloud is your web-based operation center from which you control project data for your fleet – including rental machines. As-built data automatically flows into the project data pool and can be effortlessly filtered and exported. Everybody is on the same page on a project, all models are up-to-date on all Makin’ units on a project. This gives fewer mistakes, less reworks, saves time and costs.

  • Efficient overview of all projects.

  • Remote support.

  • Effortless as-built export.