Why choose Makin the next time you need a machine control or a project management solution?

We, at Makin, could think about many reasons why, but it is part of our DNA to listen to our customers, suppliers, and partners, and this is what they say:

Five reasons to choose a Makin solution, as explained by our customers, suppliers, and partners:

  1. The entire project can be read into the Makin’ solutions Makin can handle very large project files, which gives a great overview for all stakeholders working on the project. “I can display all the relevant models on my system, and just select the item that I want to take reference from. This gives me a great overview,” explains the excavator operator Tommy Bjerkeengen from Toten Anlegg og Transport. See the video here.

  2. The system works very fast Makin’ 3D is developed by experienced professionals. The IT architecture is solid and the system uses state-of-the-art hardware components developed in close partnership with market-leading suppliers. This means that Makin’ 3D solutions can work where other machine control solutions have to give up. Read more by clicking here.

  3. Data sharing is seamless without manual synchronizations The Makin’ Cloud solution with a chat function is an integral part of all Makin’s systems, be it Makin’ Excavator, Makin’ Survey, or Makin’ PerFormans. The surveyor can upload all the models through the cloud, and all data is automatically updated in real-time. Manual synchronizations are avoided. Remote support, operator training, and troubleshooting through Makin’ Cloud save time and costs in the project. Learn more by clicking here.

  4. User-friendly interface The solutions are developed as apps for the tablets with both the beginner and the advanced machine operator in mind. 3D visualization and live data sharing between excavator operators, site surveyors, and office personnel is developed so that it is just as easy to use as your smartphone. Learn more by clicking here.

  5. Optimal usability of components – Everything is connected Makin’ Stakeout is Makin’s rover solution consisting of a GNSS antenna, tablet, and a carbon fiber pole. The Makin’ Panasonic tablet can be used both in the excavator cabin, on the stakeout, and the PerFormans solutions. All measured points and systems are automatically shared live through Makin’ Cloud so that all stakeholders such as operators, surveyors, project managers, and owners are on the same page and are offered a complete project control solution. The product architecture with an easy upgrade from Makin’ 2D to Makin’ 3D, tablet usability, and the overarching Makin’ Cloud solution allows you to get the maximum out of your investment. Learn more here.

We listen, develop and deliver!