Makin A/S now launches a new cost-efficient entry-level hand-held 3D solution developed to help the foreman control progress and quality of construction projects.

The Makin’ PerFormans solution is an intuitive and portable tool for the visualization of project data in real-time with no extra accessories.

Use the Makin’ PerFormans solution to increase quality control, performance, and gain efficiency in your construction activities. The system provides decimeter positioning accuracy and allows for valuable dynamic progress information of work status and completion. Real-time access to project information in the field allows for smart planning, and immediate detection of deviations from the design and even rough as-built checks, and surveying tasks.

“Now we can finally see the same project information as the excavator operator,” says Knut Arnseth, Project Manager at M. Dobloug AS, Norway.

The handy Makin' PerFormans solution offers the foreman live data about the project.

The handy Makin’ PerFormans solution offers the foreman live data about the project.

Makin’ PerFormans is fully workflow-integrated with the Makin’ product portfolio

Visualization of all logged points from other Makin’ solutions (Makin’ Survey and Makin’ Excavator solutions) saves time and costs and maximizes the efficiency of projects. Makin’ PerFormans is based on the same, unique software, and rugged hardware platform as the rest of the Makin’ 3D product range.

“The Makin’ PerFormans application significantly adds to the versatility of the Makin’ 3D machine control products. Fully integrated into the Cloud environment it offers foreman and site surveyors a unique 3D visualization of their entire projects and the ability to do valuable quality assurance checks as needed in real-time, comments Sten Kristensen, CGO at Makin AS.

Existing Makin’ customers can simply upgrade with the PerFormans unit and the PerFormans license and thereby add the PerFormans solution to their Makin’ product portfolio.