Twenty years ago, Anders had just purchased an excavator for his dairy farm in Gästrikland on the eastern coast of Sweden. Even though he loved the animals and farm life, the dream of operating excavators was always in the back of his mind. His interest in everything related to engines had always been there, and studying design and technology in high school further fueled his passion. But the farm had to come first after graduation.

Anders began doing jobs on the farm with the newly acquired excavator, and soon requests started pouring in from outside as well. So he bought another machine, and then another. It became a fact that operating excavators was the best thing Anders knew! Now, 18 years later, we see a thriving company with a fleet of 30 excavators, 9 loaders, dumpers, and more, along with over 35 employees or hired staff during the peak season. We dare say that it was the right decision for Anders to start operating excavators full-time.

Makin’ Survey rover solution is the ideal sidekick to Makin’ Excavator 3D​, with the same user-friendly interface.

Unparalleled User-Friendliness: Why Anders Chose Makin’3D for His Machines

With Anders’ extensive experience in the industry, we are naturally curious about why he chose Makin’ 3D for his machines.

Anders exclaims, “There’s a lot! But the user-friendliness is unparalleled. You can tell that it’s developed by people who have actually sat in an excavator themselves.” Anders also points to a guy standing a little further away. “He’s a construction worker, and he immediately understood the system.”

Anders also appreciates the support, which is straightforward. “You call the remote support, and they can take over the machine directly if needed.” He also mentions that everyone he deals with at Maskin System is so friendly and, most importantly, skilled at what they do. So, according to Anders, there won’t be anything other than Makin’ 3D in the future. He adds, “imagine, I even get new updates directly into the system with notifications, without having to update the system myself.”

Westlunds Entreprenad’s Succes is Driven by an Unbeatable Team

Westlunds Entreprenad is going full speed ahead, with many new projects. Anders himself is currently working on a major construction project in Bromsten, west of Stockholm, which will continue until 2025. In Sandviken, there’s a large infrastructure project with the American company Microsoft as the client.

We understand why people want to work with Anders and his team. Everyone we talk to is passionate about their job, incredibly friendly, humble, and down-to-earth. And last but not least, we have the rock, Marianne, in the office. She’s a true ace when it comes to administration and keeping an eye on the guys.

Thank you, Anders and your team, for letting us meet you today and absorb your positive energy. We also take this opportunity to congratulate you, Anders, on your motorcycle purchase. Drive safely on the roads!