Kent Jensen, a machine operator at the Danish company FK Agro, admits he’s not a computer expert, but he’s been pleasantly surprised by how user-friendly the Makin’ 3D excavator machine control system is. Despite having over 25 years of experience working with machines, Kent was keen to try something new, and FK Agro opted for the Makin’ system.

Kent quickly became proficient in using the system after just a week of using it. FK Agro has installed the Makin’ system on two excavators – a 25-ton Case 245 excavator and a Yanmar mini excavator, which Kent uses for the parking lot project. This project involves refurbishing a residential area and creating an underground water reservoir for drainage in the parking lot.

Building a parking lot

Using Makin’ 3D machine control for the final layer of the parking lot.

Service and support are paramount when you buy a 3D machine control system

No matter how user-friendly a machine control system is, service and support are important when you buy a new machine control system, and Kent is more than pleased with the Danish Makin’ dealer Maxpartner’s support.

– They actually pick up the phone, which is nice, he says.

Contaminated soil was logged using the 3D system

The design model for this project is quite simple, with three categories: base, sub-base gravel, and drainage layers.

– I just follow the lines, says Kent with a smile. I am no computer nerd, but this is easy!

This project had a unique challenge: a portion of the soil is contaminated and required removal and disposal. The Makin’ system was used to log points, making mass balance calculations and payment releases straightforward.

– I just push a button, so it is really easy, says Kent.

In the design model shown on the in-cabin panel, Kent could easily identify the areas with contaminated soil marked in yellow, while the remaining area was marked in green.

– When I reached a yellow field, I immediately knew that this part needed to be excavated and disposed of, explains Kent.

In-cabin tablet with Makin' 3D machine control

Kent working with the new Makin’ 3D excavator machine control system.

Going from 2D to 3D machine control has been surprisingly easy

Kent has worked with traditional methods using pegs or spray markings and 2D machine control with a rotating laser, but now he saves time with the new and modern 3D machine control system from Makin.

– I am surprised that it is so easy to use! says Kent.

Author and photographer: Karina Lykke Lumholt